National Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month; this month is devoted to helping older pets find a Furever home.  If you have been thinking about adopting a pet into your home, think about “Senior Pets”.

Some Advantages to adopting a Senior Pet are:

  • Senior pets don’t require the training that normally puppies and kittens require.
  • Many senior pets are already housetrained.
  • Senior pets often come with fewer surprises.
  • Senior pets are often less demanding, and calmer.
  • Senior pets have so much love to offer and can form deep connections with you.

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Shelters and rescues centers are looking to have people adopt senior pets, as many senior pets are often the last to be adopted from shelters.  If you are looking to see what pets can be adopted, go to the website, you can search in a specific zip code and break it down to what type of pet you would like, along with the age, breed, etc.

While senior pets usually develop health issues sooner than younger ones, adopting a senior comes with a smaller initial outlay of money.  If you adopt a puppy or kitten, you will have to pay for vaccinations and possibly neutering.  In addition to these costs, most adoption centers charge significantly less for a senior pet than they do for an in-demand puppy or kitten.

However, if you do find yourself with a pet that develops health issues or age-related health conditions, and needs to be on medication, make sure you investigate Pet RX savings available for free through CU Offers. Often times your pet will receive a lesser dose of various "human" medications. This is where  Pet RX Savings kicks in to provide savings for your senior pet, making sure your senior pet is cared for as they become your newest best friend. CU Offers also provides free prescription savings for us humans too, for those with our without health insurance.