National Vitual Vacation Day

March 30th is National Virtual Vacation Day, and how can you celebrate this day? Well, this vacation will not cost you any money, nor do you have to take time out of work for this adventure. If you go to your destination awaits you. I like traveling to the Bahamas, so I selected the Port Nassau webcam, the sun was shining, the beach looked inviting. It gave me a calming feeling and a sense of warmth during these chilly winter months. While I was “in the Bahamas” I took time to meditate and release some stress as I was watching the nice blue ocean and the palm trees gently moving.

Next stop was Stowe, VT at the Trapp Family Lodge and saw some beautiful snowy mountains and people up early in the morning walking and enjoying the fresh air. While I was in Stowe, all I kept thinking about was the Sound of Music movie and I kept singing “The hills are alive with the sound of music, with songs they have sung for a thousand years, the hills fill my heart with the sound of music, my heart wants to sing every song it hears….” Very breathtaking, what a beautiful place to visit virtually and in person.

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Next let us move onto a zoo in Utica, NY how fun is this. I am watching the Tamarin Monkey’s playing around, they are just so cute, jumping from branch to branch. I just kept thinking about being able to jump from branch to branch playing with my friends, when I was younger. It looked like the Tamarin Monkeys were playing catch me if you can.

Last stop, the Statue of Liberty HarborCam – was incredibly beautiful seeing the sun rising and the boats in the harbor and the city looking like a mystery far away. You can also choose the Statue of Liberty TorchCam, CrownCam Panorama Cam, and even Ellis Island. Wow! looking from the Statue of Liberty TorchCam, you can see people working, keeping the lady strong, tall, and beautiful.

These are just a couple of different webcams; you can also watch some YouTube videos like the Moher Cliffs of Ireland. These days with technology, your options are endless, and you might find a vacation place that you really would like to explore in person. So, if you are looking for Travel Resources, for those planning on going on a “real” vacation this year, look no further, has affordable vacations for everyone.