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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us, including many small businesses in our communities. Stay-at-home orders forced shoppers to transact online, thus thrusting the already established ecommerce giants into the spotlight. Small businesses suffered, sales decreased and many closed due to their inability to quickly respond to the online dependency of the consumer. As businesses in our communities strive to rebuild and reinvent themselves and their brands, here are FIVE reasons why you should SHOP LOCAL:

  • Money you spend locally goes directly to your community. Shopping locally is a personal investment in your community. For every $100 spent, approximately $68 of it returns directly to local activity*.
  • You create local jobs. Small businesses employ MORE people directly per dollar of revenue, and, small businesses represent the largest provider of jobs in the US.
    You help the environment. Buying locally conserves resources! Less fuel for transportation and less packaging results in a benefit to our environment.
  • You are investing in entrepreneurship. The American economy is founded upon creativity, ingenuity, and hard work! Nurturing small business fosters these values and enables a prosperous and thriving community.
  • You are putting tax dollars to good use! In addition to generating more tax revenue, small business taxes are more widely used to support schools, parks and local programs directly in your community.

Start Saving with Deals and Discounts Today

CU Offers is the exclusive new app offering savings on travel, theme parks, restaurants, Dell products, local favorites, and more!

Free CU Offers Registration

Before you fill your carts with online products from the big guys, you can visit and register for a program that provides discounts and specials at popular local businesses. As a member of a credit union, you are already supporting your community – the CU Offers program allows you to take your support one step further! There is no cost to participate in CU Offers, so download the app and register, then head downtown and invest in your community!

Nevertheless, this program is not just for our members; Merchants can join the other local businesses and share savings on CU Offers, it is free for merchants to sign up and take advantage of the publicity as well. Merchants just simply need to go to and complete the information requested on the website. Then within two weeks, your savings will be listed on the website/app. What a wonderful way to promote your business to many members across the United States. When our members shop locally at your business, they just need to show the promotional coupon to the cashier for savings. It’s Quick, Simple, and environmentally friendly.

These days with the cost of living increasing, why not take advantage of the CU Offers program, and turn into a financially savvy member while using the CU Offers app. When you find a coupon you have used or a deal with CU Offers that made you happy, make sure you do a shout-out on Facebook, or Instagram and share your savings with #cuoffers. These are the offers that you will want to share with the world!

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*Source: Civic Economics – Andersonville Study of Retail Economics.